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Salesian Council of Works

Salesian spirituality offers a way of working that can underpin each person’s work and blend it into an all-embracing response to many needs. It is a simple approach that involves trying to create for every person involved four experiences that support their growth and life-balance:

  • HOME: A sense of belonging and safety supported by loving kindness

  • SCHOOL: A way of thinking and reflecting that promotes wisdom and understanding

  • PLAYGROUND: A space to relax, have fun and celebrate life and relationships

  • CHURCH: A space where reflection on life and the Gospel opens up deeper questions.

These four aspects of Salesian spirituality are the common bond that links all these projects and makes sure that the investment made by many people will not just create another house, school and church but rather a network of people and resources that will transform many lives. The Salesian sisters bring a more reflective aspect to the above four elements with a spirit of authentic and serene family relationships which create the harmony that underpins the Council of Salesian Work.

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Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St Joseph Church
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