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We have done it!
we walked 510,000
Top team walker:
steps in the week!
Friday 12th  to Friday 19th of March

From Aaron Barbour, Director of KLS

Your work has been brilliant on this project.Please pass on a very big thanks to everyone in Sacred Heart who took part. You’ve been amazing!

Total- so far


Give Thanks
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The joint project has now finished and the final count is still coming in. At present the total steps count is 3.7 million and the money raised by all the groups comes to over £10,000.
That is enough to get started with care for the isolated and lonely.
Thank you all so much!
Fr David

The Purpose

To raise the profile of the campaign for the isolated and lonely, to get people out walking and exercise, and to raise funds for the Katherine Low Settlement on Battersea High street.


The Plan

To invite Sacred Heart Parishioners to register as a team and walk as many steps each day as they can manage.

Some may manage 10,000 steps in a day but many might manage just a few hundred. However many steps are taken get friends and family to sponsor you and donate at:

Ask them to leave a message on the site if they wish


We would like as many as possible to register as a team member please email me at: and I will send you the invitation

The Target

We hope to raise over £800 in the week for KLS services who have done so much through the pandemic to ease the hardships and loneliness of local people. We also recognise the amazing work of Battersea Angels, some of whom are our parishioners, in the shared work of building as more compassionate local community as our Gospel demands.

The dates

The whole step process needs to be completed between Friday 12th and  Friday 19th of March and all donations received by Palm Sunday 28th of March. The donation page will be closed on that day.

You don't even need to leave the house!

  1. Moon walk backwards around the kitchen table just for a change. Learn how here.

  2. Dancing Put the radio on and dance around the kitchen, invite someone to join you - musical stepping!

  3. Work upstairs. This way, anytime you want a tea break you have to come down and go back up again- climbing steps!

  4. Tea-break shuffle. When you are waiting for the kettle to boil or the microwave to ping, make more of those lost minutes every day and do a few shuffle steps.

  5. Cleaning cha cha- Put a cloth under your feet and clean the floor- do that cha cha slide step.

Send in your walking photos to 


Reflection piece:  The need for befriending in London

Our big cities are amazing.

They’re full of history, culture, innovation and people from all over the world.

But as our modern world moves at breakneck speed,

our cities can also leave people feeling anonymous, isolated and lonely.

This is particularly the case for older people

whose social networks may have frayed

and whose communities are transforming faster than ever before

due to globalisation, gentrification, digitisation, transience and housing bubbles;

and for younger people facing work and social media pressures

and often living far from friends and family.

Increasingly, as our cities transform,

those two groups are living in parallel worlds.

That separation wastes human potential, entrenches loneliness and isolation,

it perpetuates division, and is ultimately corrosive for our society

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